Q: I'm interested in Enlightened Practice, but I don't know what to expect.

A: If you love Yoga and think there's more to know about the names of poses, proper form, legacy formats and wellness techniques you'll enjoy this series.  

Q: What are the take-takeaways?

A: You'll come away with all the practical skills and knowledge you'll need to move your practice forward physically, mentally and even spiritually.

Q: What's the format?  Will we be working on the poses like we do in a class or sitting and learning?

A: The format is a combination of moving and learning. We'll explore a wide range of poses as well as learn about Anatomy, Chakras and Sanskrit so we can evaluate form and safety.  There will also be lots of discussion and opportunity for self-expression.  

Q: Is Enlightened practice okay if I'm a beginner, injured or pregnant?

A: Yes!  In fact the more diversity there is in the group the more we'll learn and explore.  Folks are always encouraged to sit back and watch or take notes during posture work.

Q: Is this series the same as a Teacher Training?

A: Sort of.  Some of my previous Enlightened Practice students feel the series is better than a teacher training because the goal is for personal development without testing or the responsibility of leading a group.  We cover much of the same information as in a Teacher Training: Anatomy, Posture Alignment, History of Yoga, Sanskrit, Yoga Philosophy, Legacy Formats, Breathwork and Meditation.

Q: What happens if I miss a date or can't do all of the hours?

A: Unlike a teacher training there's no penalty for missed time.  While there are no refunds, everyone receives a manual with all of the notes and practice tips and students are welcome to attend future Enlightened Practice series at Studiomix to make up for lost time or to review subject matter. 

Q: How do I register?

A: Click the link below and it will take you to the Studiomix website.  From their you'll create an account and gain access to their Class Schedule and Workshops.  Be sure to click the Workshops tab at the top of the menu to find Enlightened Practice.

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