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Shoulder & Hip Opening

Shoulder & Hip Opening

Saturday, April 20th, 5:00 - 6:30 pm, RAE Studio, 414 Mason Street, San Frnaci

  • Description and Tips

    Yoga master classes and boot camps are dynamic, conditioning style experiences with a focus toward intermediate/advanced asana and hands-on adjustments.  There's practice without lecture in master classes.  There's group interactions with drills in boot camp style offerings.

    As with any intermediate to advanced Yoga class participants should be fit and free of injury.  Those without Yoga experience are welcome to join.

    Check out the following list of best practices to insure an optimal experience:

    1. Bring a Yoga mat

    2. Bring a pair of Yoga blocks

    3. Bring a towel

    4. Bring a water bottle

    5.  Keep an eye on valuables

    6. Use public transportation

    7. Communicate injuries to the instructor

    8. Wear layers of comfortable clothing

    9. Avoid eating less than 2-hours before class

    10. Let the instructor know if you DO NOT want to appear in social media posts.

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