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YOGA Jan/Feb 2024 

Yoga boot camps, which are different than workshops and general classes are an opportunity to focus on a specific range of poses that aren’t always taught in day-to-day classes.  That means your curiosity and love for all things Yoga will be highlighted as you gain invaluable instruction to move to a new level of ability.

Beginners and veterans alike are encouraged to attend workshops and even boot camps, but one's overall fitness level should be well established to attempt the high strength, stamina and cardiovascular requirements for a boot camp style class.  Workshops and boot camps will typically start with Sun Salutes as a warm up followed by specifics stretches to prepare the body for new poses.  There will be plenty of time to ask questions and engage with other students.  


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Arm  Balance  Boot Camps
Sundays January 14th  and  February 11th 
4:00–5:30 pm, RAE Studios 414 Mason, S.F., CA


Join  in  on  Yoga boot camps which  are  an  inspiring way to achieve advanced  poses  like arm balances back bending handstands  and fall backs.

Boot camps are  different  than workshops in that there’s very  little   lecturing and  the  goals  are  narrow  towards achieving strength endurance  and power Folks  who  are  working  toward  Ashtanga Vinyasa Intermediate levels or  flows  with  lots  of kick ups arm balances and jumps need the high repetition drills provided  in  a boot camp style class.

Quick  note You do not  have  to  be  an  advanced practitioner to  enjoy boot camp  classes albeit  one  should  be  fit and  free of injury.

Yoga with Yogi Cecily

About My Workshops

I've been offering regular Yoga workshops for more than a decade and I'm always honored by the dedication and pure love of Yoga that students bring  to their mats when I'm teaching.  My workshops range in focus inversions to meditation, and from pranayama, arm balances and handstands.

The world of Yoga is so immense that I could give a workshop every month and still find new areas of focus.  The addition of boot camps to the list of formats creates an opportunity for students to take a fitness approach to some of the harder, physical asana.


Be  sure to visit GALLERY pages on  this  site  for  a  peek  at  fond  memories from  past  workshops and events

Advanced Master Class
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