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April 2024 Workshops

Spring and summer months present opportunities for  vacations community events and more Yoga workshops  to  keep you moving forward with your asana practice.

Let’s start with a great shoulder and hip opening  journey which will improve poses like handstands  backends splits  and  rear  foot  binds Poses like Upward Bow Dancer’s Pose  Twisted Lizard pancake splits will all be improved in this workshop.

From  opening and stretching we move on  to  twisting and deeply engaging muscles  of  the  midsections 

Hip & Shoulder Opening

Saturday, April 20th, 5:00 - 6:30 pm


There’s nothing better than exploring shoulder and hip opening in ways that will immediately improve your Yoga practice and day-to-day understanding of how your body moves.  This workshop will use hand stands and back bends to engage rear shoulder muscles.  A wide range of martial arts techniques will be used to generate mobility in our hip sockets.  There will be a combination of drills and Yoga flow practice for a fun and unique experience.

Deep Stretch Boot Camp

Sunday, April 21st, 5:00 - 6:30 pm


If you want to achieve deep splits, deep piriformis (pigeon) stretches, pancake splits and chest openers then this boot camp is for you!  This class will combine elements of Yin Yoga and hands-on applied stretches to get you to a deeper level of flexibility.  Students will learn how to stretch themselves and others safely and effectively using blocks, straps and chairs.  Bring a friend as a practice partner if you’re seeking a learning experience.

Shoulder  Opening Yoga

About My Workshops

I've been offering regular Yoga workshops for more than a decade and I'm always honored by the dedication and pure love of Yoga that students bring  to their mats when I'm teaching.  My workshops range in focus inversions to meditation, and from pranayama, arm balances and handstands.

The world of Yoga is so immense that I could give a workshop every month and still find new areas of focus.  The addition of boot camps to the list of formats creates an opportunity for students to take a fitness approach to some of the harder, physical asana.


Be  sure to visit GALLERY pages on  this  site  for  a  peek  at  fond  memories from  past  workshops and events

Advanced Master Class
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