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Yogi Cecily Deep House Yoga

Presenting for Love Deep House Yoga at Public Works SF and feeling like a return to normal.

Master Class at RAE Studio

There were 4 Master Classes in 2021. By October we could practice without masks.

Yoga Fun in san Ramon

Great group in San Ramon! We're happy, sweaty and loving Yoga.

Buddy and Cecily at Om This Way

Buddy Macuha is one of my dearest friends. We see eye-to-eye on so many things and he helps me be authentic in the fitness industry. We get it!

Spring Equinox for Equinox

Roof top Yoga at Blue Stem on Market

Cecily in Standing Balance

This was one of the coldest possible days in May, in San Francisco so I had to meditate on the pose and getting hot coffee asap :-)

Yoga-Cation Labor Day

Group photo and all of wishing there was one more day.

Time to stretch!

A little fun time on social media doing drills to open our hamstrings.

Yoga Talks at Yogatree

Quote of the Day

Being thoughtful :-)

Thinking about the future doesn't have to be stressful. Put your good vibes out there!

Cecily's Yoga

Triangle pose Hayes Valley

Smiles and Friends

This trio went down the hill to Calistoga for icecream and came back to the retreat like this!

Stretch for Success event

It was my pleasure to present for this charity event, and I'm thankful for Issac who helped by demonstrating poses on stage.

Yoga Altar

I enjoy making unique altars for each of my retreats. This one features, The Big Poster Book of Hindu Dieties by Sanjay Patel

Yoginis and doggies

Having pets at a yoga retreat equals PERFECTION!

Lululemon Pride event 2016

Big inhale and warming up.

Outdoor Yoga

The outdoor deck at San Ramon Equinox is beautifully perfect for Sun Salutes!

Girl Power!

It"s all smiles when we gather for Saturday morning class at Equinox, Market St. I'm blessed to know such gorgeous divas.

Lululemon Breast Cancer Awareness

Group photo at Westfield Mall Atrium

Cecily and Coach T

Together, FOREVER!

Yoga Altar

Altar from April retreat, Nevada City, 2018

Final Pose

Final day photos at Nevada City retreat, 2019


Lovely location, Nevada City, CA. Yoga-Cation 2016.


When one of your friends and colleagues joins your retreat you feel welcome and inspired.

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