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Sports Club/LA
Member Reviews

"Cecily Guest will forever remain the woman who transformed me and helped guide me through a physical and soon after spiritual endeavor"

"What an incredible time spent with @cecily_yogi doing yoga and learning to integrate my prosthetic leg into poses....  Mind expanding!  Thank you Cecily"

"A quick note to say thank you on behalf of the team.  Everyone is raving about your class yesterday @Pinterest, the music, the experience you created - Amazing!"

"Infinitely grateful 4 @CecilyGuest.  Your un-apologetically rigorous yoga + willingness 2 teach beyond what's scripted = game changer!"

Jesica Wolfrom
Member Review

Jeanne Bissmeyer,
Lululemon Store Manager
San Francisco Center

Disabled Veteran

Yelp Review

"All five of my stars are for Cecily Guest, easily one of SF's top advanced yoga instructors.  I took my 1st class 4 years ago and have been a devotee ever since.  Impeccable sequencing, intuitive adjustments and music for the soul..."

Janine Lehrer-Stein,
Two-term, Obama Appointee
National Council
on Disability

"Cecily understands how to work with those with disabilities and has a keen eye to build strength and eliminate weakness.  She's experienced, compassionate and reliable"

Buddy Macuha,
GX Manager, IDEA Presenter

"I have worked with Cecily Guest for more than 15-years.  She is a phenomenal associate and leader in the fitness community.  She's an outstanding presenter who always brings the energy "

Enlightened Practice
Student Letter
Edith Huang

"Dear Cecily - you are one of the most talented instructors I have ever met!  I am truly blessed to have found you and am honored to be one of your students… Thank You for everything "

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