Through the practice of Yoga-Asana we learn to transcend the physical body and move toward higher states of mindfulness and  compassion.

Follow this path ardently and you will be rewarded.

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Saturday, October 23rd

12:00-1:30 pm

RAE Studio, 414 Mason St., San Francisco

We are safe, we are whole and we are ready to return to the mat and our community of physical art practitioners.  Click below to register.  Use the "Let's Chat" button to send a message or ask a question. 

Master classes are an opportunity to explore a broader range of Yoga postures while also sustaining them longer than is possible is general classes.  The inclusion of bindings and inversions enhance the meditative quality of physical practice.  Classes are intended for experienced students, but ardent practitioners wishing to expand their knowledge are welcome. 

Yoga remains as a foundational part of daily life. I remain as a resource and support for those who are ready to commit to themselves so they can continue to gain greater physical and mental strength as well as flexibility.  "Practice and all is coming" is our mantra.  We know it to be true!  


Choose from a selection of services that speak directly to your needs.  From Private Sessions to improve form and technique to Online Group Classes and Social Media Classes.