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Cecily Guest is a 25-year Yoga and Fitness Instructor and Private Trainer.  She is dedicated to creating transformation with private clients and community with in-person and online group classes.  Tap below to view her full bio.  Check out the Community Gallery to see photos from events and master classes.


M/ 6:30p Advanced Yoga Hangout

W/ 6:30p Advanced Yoga Hangout
F/ 7a Yoga Core

Sa/ 10:00a Advanced Yoga  Hangout 

By tapping below you’ll be able to view a collection of photos from years of events in the San Francisco Bay Area.  You’ll also see pics from master classes and retreats with Cecily.  Be sure to tap the social media icons above and below for videos, reels and daily content.

Tap below to read a range of testimonials from clients, event coordinators and students of all kinds.  Reviews and shout outs can also be found on Social Media pages so be sure to click the icons for more content and connection.

Private Online Sessions are the way to go if you’re interested in personal transformation or upgrading your Yoga-asana skill set.  Your private sessions may also include basic Barre and Pilates, athletic condition and mobility as well as time-honored wellness techniques like meditation and breath work.  Tap below to sign up for sessions.

 Looking  for  an  inspiring blog?  Tap below for a blogs covering meditation, the benefits of online training.  Use the Chat button (lower right) for quick contact with Cecily.

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