Class Schedule - Fall 2020

Yoga classes are a wonderful way to connect with self and others.  You will gain  unexpected fluidity  along with a balanced frame of mind.


From social media classes to bookable classes enjoyed in  a zoom-style setting you’ll find what you’re looking for on the schedule the below.

Want  more  options, looking for something special? Connect with me  by  using the "Let's Chat" button, to become part of my creative process! 


7am YOGA  CORE (book a class)

12pm Flow Yoga Mob Facebook Live


12pm YOGA  CORE  w/Cecily Instagram Live

6 pm ADVANCED  YOGA HANGOUT  (book a class)


7 am AWAKENING  THE FORCE Facebook Live

12:30 pm QUICK  MEDITATION  Instagram Live


12 pm YOGA CORE w/Cecily Instagram Live

6 pm ADVANCED  YOGA HANGOUT (book a class)


7 am YOGA  CORE (book a class)

12:00 pm ALIGNMENT YOGA Instagram Live


12 pm FLOW YOGA MOB Facebook Live

4:30 pm YIN YOGA (book a class) 


9:30 am VINYASA YOGA (book a class)

12:00 pm YOGA CORE (book a class) 

All times PST. Social media classes are subject to change.

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