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Alter Your Goals with Fulfillment In Mind

It’s the end of one year and the beginning of another. With a focus on completing small unassuming tasks we can gain more fulfillment in 2024

New year, new you, new wellness strategies!

Lots of folks are focused on happiness, success, popularity and increased wealth for the new year, but these can be overwhelming goals, which are often abandoned by mid-year. Why not focus on feelings of fulfillment by completing small, even mundane tasks that provide an automatic sense of fulfillment.

Fulfillment is usually associated with a sense of purpose, giving of one’s self or making a difference in the lives of others. This type of fulfillment is important, but we often forget about self-care and personal wellness to the point we’re exhausted and unraveled at home. Alan Gewirth describes fulfillment as “carrying to fruition one’s deepest desires or one’s worthies capacities”. This is very loafty; yes?

Think of how pleasant our lives might be if the simple and mundane delivered a small bit of fulfillment along with the pleasure of doing something for ourselves that probably needed to be done anyway.

Small, mundane tasks could be reorganizing your closets, cleaning out your garage or attic, scheduling a deep clean for your carpets, sewing on a missing button, going to bed earlier, reading all of your emails (yuck), dusting all of your shelves, or skipping lunch with a friend to clean out your fridge.

I’m recommending five small tasks that can be done everyday, once a week or once a month. If you have your own list go ahead and write it down, post it on your fridge and stay committed to completing your tasks with a sense of fulfillment in mind.

Tip #1 - Donate or throw it out

Most folks do “spring cleaning” at least once a year, but why not take a day out of every month and tackle one area in your home that’s accumulating junk. Clean out the back of the closet, the vitamin drawer, the old papers in the office, books and videos you don’t need, and don’t forget to clear out the junk drawer; lol.

Tip #2 - Add meditation to your day

You might be surprised to learn that meditating on a daily basis can feel like a daunting task. I’m recommending to sit quietly for 15 minutes everyday and then add longer meditation sessions on the weekends. In this way you’ll build a vey satisfying practice that will grow on you over time.

"Happiness is a state of inner fulfillment, not the gratification of inexhaustible desires for outward things." – Matthieu Richard

Tip #3 - Make it personal

There are probably one or two tasks which you personally enjoy. These could be gardening, cleaning and detailing your car, walking your dog, etc. Remember to take a deep breath and enjoy the feeling of fulfillment these tasks bring to you. Don’t take them for granted. Go a little slower and really enjoy the moment.

Tip #4 - Big, hairy, scarring things you’re avoiding

This tip speaks for itself! There’s something you’re avoiding, but you know deep down inside that once it’s done you’re going to feel so good. This type of task usually happens once or twice a year. Things like filling out forms, applying for loans or college, making your appointment for an evaluation, going to the DMV, etc. Tasks like this just sit there until the shadow of not doing them grows into a frightening monster. Just do it now! By completing overwhelming tasks we might end up feeling refreshed and ready to attend to others.

Tip #5 - Healthiness before happiness

The pursuit of happiness can be overwhelming at times, but the pursuit of health is automatically rewarding. A healthy and fulfilling task is cooking small meals just for yourself. Vegetable juices during the summer and hot bone broth during the winter or making a special trip to the farmer’s market can be very satisfying tasks.

Physical Exercise is the ultimate small task!

As a 30-year fitness and Yoga professional I’ve seen first-hand how consistent exercise makes a huge difference in the physical resilience and mental fortitude for my students and clients. Simple Sun Salutes, floor Pilates and calisthenics for 30 minutes everyday is very fulfilling and you don’t need a gym, special equipment or special programs to get started. If you need inspiration or accountability you could add a class from my YouTube channel once a week (, ) or you could add in an online session or Yoga class with me by Clicking the link to

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