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Yoga Online - Ready Set Go!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Cecily's online studio with Yoga equipment inspirations.

It's very inspiring to see so many people taking online Yoga classes and private sessions these days, and I have a feeling things are going to be this way for a while.

For better or worse it's finally time to create a serious base camp for your home exercise and Yoga experience.

One of the first things you'll notice when practicing at home is that there's a limited amount of space and equipment at your disposal. Everything was provided at the gym; mats, blocks, straps, blankets, mirrors, weights, tubing, Pilates rings, etc. and there was just enough space (if not more) for you to do your exercise routines and stretches. At home it might be hard to find space and you might not have everything you need. If you're following an online instructor there's a good chance that instructor has a piece of equipment you don't - Bummer!

Try not to skimp when purchasing home practice Yoga equipment. Cheap mats and light weight block are not useful over time. Heavy cork blocks are best, and firm bolsters can be used around the home for support while sleeping or as an extra seat when company comes over. Have it in your mind that the Yoga equipment you buy for home today will last a lifetime!

Be creative when storing your Yoga equipment by using baskets, or footstool with hidden storage space.
Creative Yoga storage with a basket!

Make a dedicated practice space for Yoga at home. Add baskets and extra shelves for dedicated equipment, maybe a full length mirror with a plant for decoration. If you end up practicing in your kitchen or garage make sure the space is clean and inspiring. I keep a few Yoga books nearby for quick form references or inspiration. Yoga The Iyengar way is one of my favorite books for practice.

The next problem you might have when taking online Yoga classes is mitigating the space between you and your camera so that your full body can be seen if needed. You also need to be able to see your screen to follow your instructor. Using your phone is the least optimal tool for following online instructors so try to make a dedicated place for your laptop or tablet with a stand that will keep it from falling if you need to tilt it up or down. Try to place your camera at least 8 feet away. Tilt it down for floor work and up a bit when doing standing poses. Always check in with your online coach or instructor to get their recommendation on camera placement if you're doing a zoom-style class. Also remember that folks can see your surroundings. Remove or cover items that are private, mute your mic if you're in a group class and don't be afraid to turn your camera off if you want total privacy.

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I highly recommend that Yoga students invest in Private Online Yoga sessions in combination video classes or zoom-style events. In this way you'll have a good idea of modifications and safe practices. I provide consultations and strategies for success to all my private clients. Most meet with me once a week while others purchase a package of 5 sessions to cover specific drills. Reach out at if you have questions. Click below to purchase and book a session this week.

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